WORLD We Live In REPUBLIC OF FIJI - Discovery Activity Children's Book encourages Young People to DISCOVER information about their ANCESTRY and THE UNKNOWN. The series of 7 books share interesting information, Cultural Differences, Fruits and Vegetables in the region, Recipes, and the Way of Life of People in different parts of the World including, Republic of Fiji, Jamaica - island country of the West Indies, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Japan, Republic of Guyana, France, and Africa, plus the special edition of uninhabited Antarctica

About me

Karen Barron Russell is a native Californian. She provides Career & Business Development Consulting Services with ideas for Artists, Writers, and Performers by creating artistic works and productions while providing technical expertise necessary for creative projects, utilizing over forty years of experience in Telecommunications and Communications. Her many trips to Fiji inspired her to develop this Children's Book series to show young people that we do things differently, but we are the same.

Current Projects: Teaching Creative People to turn their Artwork, Photographs and Original Wording into Usable Artistic Products. Plus, the first book of our Educational Children's Book series now available.


eBook $2.99

Paperback $7.99

Hardback Autographed $45.95

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